Marianne Aubert fuck : "Le Pensionnat Des Petites Salopes"


Name: Le Pensionnat Des Petites Salopes

Country: France

Year: 1982

Director: Pierre B. Reinhard

Duration: 66 min

Language: French

The title bears no relation to the film and the film makes no sense. The girls at a very small school wander around in their nighties or entirely nude, decorating a Christmas tree. Jean-Pierre Armand spies on them through binoculars and then in dressed as Santa Claus (a job which the caretaker has passed on to him). While the headmistress allows the girls to cavort naked in front of Santa, she draws the line at finding them giving him head. He chases her upstairs and takes her to dress in black rubber and then he and Piotr Stanislas have sex with her, including DP. His girlfriend is suspicious and also s in, dons a maks and makes up a foursome. Everyone has sex with nearly everyone else. But the whole thing is too unrealistic to be erotic.

Categories: Marianne Aubert fuck, 1982, France, French, Pierre B. Reinhard, Marianne Aubert, Lise Pinson, Diane Suresne, Claire Lenoir, Tanya Valis, Liliane Gray, Jean-Pierre Armand, Piotr Stanislas

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Piotr Stanislas

Actress: Marianne Aubert,Lise Pinson,Diane Suresne,Claire Lenoir,Tanya Valis,Liliane Gray

Marianne Aubert fuck : "Le Pensionnat Des Petites Salopes"

Monday, November 13, 2017


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