Anna Lombardi videos - "Orgies En Cuir Noir"


Name: Orgies En Cuir Noir

Actress: Anna Lombardi,Annick Chatel

Actors: Christophe Clark,Piotr Stanislas,Patrick Marin

Categories: Anna Lombardi videos, 1984, France, French, Youri Berko, Anna Lombardi, Annick Chatel, Christophe Clark, Piotr Stanislas, Patrick Marin

Duration: 58 min

Director: Youri Berko

Country: France

Year: 1984

Language: French

In the basement of Paris, Amelie, 18, and her friend Corinne discovered thanks to Isabelle a sadomasochistic cult, composed of servants, serfs and transsexuals, followers of the latex. Isabelle offers them to realize their most legend fantasies for a weekend. Corinne waived. With the absorption of a pill of ecstasy, Amelie will gladly suffer the whip, the leather harness, waxing sex, enema milk and expert caresses given by the members of the sect.

Anna Lombardi videos - "Orgies En Cuir Noir"

Friday, January 12, 2018


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