1970s sex - "Playground S"


Name: Playground S



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Even by the low standards of early '70s quickies, PLAYGROUND S is deficient porn. It has been preserved, sort of, for posterity on one of the Alpha Blue Archives "Young Lust" (formerly known as Teen Lust) mega sets. Print quality is very poor, with an inaudible soundtrack and the usual shredding. But there isn't much "story" or worthwhile dialog to follow: basically just two teens having sex of the "introductory" type, or watching a slightly older woman have sex in voyeuristic mode. Voice-over between the two girls (comparing notes) is easier to hear than the live sound segments, but about as interesting as a stereotypical teenager rambling on the phone circa "Gidget". Now if they had gotten Sandra Dee to star in a porn film, well.... Pointless filler culminates in a 4-some group sex scene, but it's all just going through the motions. Once upon a time it may have been thought to be erotic to watch untalented, not-pretty girls pretending to be teens (i.e., with pigtails) having sex, but not for me. Musical score varies from classical music to guitar "romantic" Muzak.

Language: English


Duration: 58 min

Country: United States

Year: 1972

1970s sex - "Playground S"

Monday, April 16, 2018


1970s sex1972United StatesEnglish

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