Laura Clair in Germany sex retro


Name: Sinnliche Sehnsucht

Categories: Germany sex retro, Laura Clair, 1980, Germany, German, Michel Caputo, Laura Clair, Elisabeth Bure, Jane Baker, Elodie Delage, Marie-Claude Moreau, Richard Lemieuvre, Piotr Stanislas, Guy Royer, Jacques Gatteau, Guy Berardant

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Piotr Stanislas,Guy Royer,Jacques Gatteau,Guy Berardant

Actress: Laura Clair,Elisabeth Bure,Jane Baker,Elodie Delage,Marie-Claude Moreau

Charlotte (Nicole Segaud) is a maid in love with her boss, a doctor named Mario, who doesn't show the same affection she shows him. She spies on him while he is having sex with Claudia (Jane Baker), Mario's fiance who is also having an affair with Jean-Paul. After Mario tells Charlotte he must leave for Africa she demands to leave with him, but he adamantly says no and leaves her behind. Claudia ends up marrying Jean-Paul once Mario leaves. Charlotte spends her time writing letters, in Claudia's name, to Mario in order to comfort him while he is away. Once Mario returns home he finds out the Claudia is now pregnant and that Charlotte is the perguy responsible for the letters that helped him through his time in Africa. He finds out in the nick of time as Charlotte is about to drown herself in the sea, but Mario arrives just in time (Ah!). This classic european adult film also stars Elisabeth Bure, Elodie Delage & Laura Clair.

Country: Germany

Language: German

Duration: 75 min

Year: 1980

Director: Michel Caputo

Laura Clair in Germany sex retro

Saturday, October 22, 2016


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