Lisbeth Olsen nude : "Justine and Juliette"


Name: Justine and Juliette

Duration: 96 min

Country: Sweden

Year: 1975

Director: Mac Ahlberg

Language: Swedish

Actress: Brigitte Maier,Marie Forsa,Anne Bie Warburg,Louise Frevert,Kate Mundt,Lisbeth Olsen,Eva Axen,Pia Rydberg,Ulla Sando,Nina Gunke

Categories: Lisbeth Olsen nude, 1975, Sweden, Swedish, Mac Ahlberg, Brigitte Maier, Marie Forsa, Anne Bie Warburg, Louise Frevert, Kate Mundt, Lisbeth Olsen, Eva Axen, Pia Rydberg, Ulla Sando, Nina Gunke, Harry Reems, Poul Bundgaard, Bent Warburg, William Kisum, Rune Hallberg, Otto Brandenburg, Keld Holm, Felix Franchy, Jim Steffe, Bert Bellman

Actors: Harry Reems,Poul Bundgaard,Bent Warburg,William Kisum,Rune Hallberg,Otto Brandenburg,Keld Holm,Felix Franchy,Jim Steffe,Bert Bellman

Now here's something you don't see very often--a hardcore Swedish adaptation of the Marquis de Sade directed by a man who later became a highly respected Hollywood cinematographer lensing productions like TV's "The Wonder Years". Unfortunately, it's not very good (although, god knows, it's better than "The Wonder Years"). It takes the Marquis DeSade's story of two girls, a virtuous one who suffers and a sinful one who prospers in world that above all things is cruel, and turns it into a stupid modern (as of 1975 anyway)sex comedy.The two leads, Joe Sarno-regular Maria Forse who plays Justine and the unknown who plays Juliette get naked a lot, but don't really participate in the hardcore sex scenes. That is left to the anonymous extras and American porn star Harry Reems (hilariously dubbed into Swedish) who once again shows off his monstrous manhood and even more monstrous moustache as he plays an American millionaire (even though as I said he is dubbed into Swedish)who has promised his fortune to whatever woman can give him a heart attack during sex.Like the vast majority of Eurotica that crosses into hardcore this film has WAY too many long sex scenes and will bore the holy hell out of anyone NOT watching it for ceiling-painting purposes. Maria Forse is very cute, but not a particularly talented actress and the other performer's talents descend precipitously from there. Worst of all, it is very obviously NOT in the spirit of the Marquis de Sade (torturing only the viewers). I'd recommend instead other flawed adaptations of the same tale like Jess Franco's "Marquis de Sade's Justine" or "Cruel Passions" with the ever delectable Koo Stark. This is one to avoid

Lisbeth Olsen nude : "Justine and Juliette"

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


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