Rebecca London pornstar - "You Turn Me On"


Name: You Turn Me On

Categories: Rebecca London pornstar, 1984, United States, English, Steve Smith, Lili Marlene, Kimberly Carson, Mei Ling, Danica Rae, Shaun Mason, Yoko Wong, Rebecca London, Linda Lee, Jon Martin, Dan T Mann, Blair Harris, Jack Mason, Facial, Asian

Actress: Lili Marlene,Kimberly Carson,Mei Ling,Danica Rae,Shaun Mason,Yoko Wong,Rebecca London,Linda Lee

Actors: Jon Martin,Dan T Mann,Blair Harris,Jack Mason

No need to adjust your television set. Yes, that girl at the beginning of You Turn Me On has a purple face and florescent green clothing. My screening copy said to "adjust tracking." So I do it and now the girl has a purple face, green clothing and snow all over her body. Hey, tracking doesn't help inaudible audio. There's more snap, crackle and pop on this soundtrack than a Rice Krispies commercial. In addition, this sexvid should have been called "You Turn Me Off." I don't care that it has absolutely no story and that everybody acts badly and just has sex. But nobody except for Kimberly Carson seems to be enjoying themselves. It looks like somebody took their 1980 Model Panasonic video camera and walked around shooting people having bad sex. Production values? If a shot of the Hollywood hills or someone's car is your idea of production values, run out and rent this cheap no-budget production. But expect one of the worst quality tapes this reviewer has seen since something called The Sex Stalker last year. With an annoying soundtrack that keeps repeating a garbled title song, You Turn Me On has absolutely nothing to offer the sexvid viewer. Bad news from start to finish!

Year: 1984

Country: United States

Duration: 76 min

Language: English

Director: Steve Smith

Rebecca London pornstar - "You Turn Me On"

Thursday, January 10, 2019


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