Laura Levi in 80s sex movies


Name: Blue Erotic Climax

Categories: 80s sex movies, Laura Levi, 1980, Italy, Italian, Claudio Bernabei, Laura Levi, Sandy Samuel, Sandra Cardinale, Louise Godet, Mark Shannon, Giuseppe Curia, Erminio Bianchi, Piero Santi

Actors: Mark Shannon,Giuseppe Curia,Erminio Bianchi,Piero Santi

Actress: Laura Levi,Sandy Samuel,Sandra Cardinale,Louise Godet

Directed by Armond Weston in 1976, this film has funny dialogue and great cinematography that really is a pleasure to watch. Manny is the leader of his own cult of women who worship his giant cock. He is an eccentric and depraved man in search of ecstasy. His assistant Charly must find acolytes for him and, with his magnificent tool, he has little difficulty. There is a throbbing pace and so much penetrating inside this film, it will blow yor mind to ecstasy!This is the only Armond Weston video.

Director: Claudio Bernabei

Country: Italy

Year: 1980

Duration: 70 min

Language: Italian

Laura Levi in 80s sex movies

Thursday, December 15, 2016


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