Barbara Moose - Mature sex retro germany


Name: Moni Und Lisa

Actress: Barbara Moose,Sylvia Engelmann

Actors: Titus Sting,Mario Pollack

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long scene on terrace and in pool, very long threesome in living room, brief parallel and concluding sex scene with XNK; no boat sequence, MP in almost all scenes MP with SE & BM and XNK, SA with XNK. MP & SA have discussion on villa terrace, SE & BM play tennis, are photographed and picked up by SA (much longer scene), arrive at villa, are introduced to MP (then exit SA), lesbian sex on terrace, threesome MP, SE & BM, some swimming in pool, more threesome, even more threesome in living room (brief intermezzo; SA photographs and picks up XNK1148 in town), continue threesome, after some time parallel scene of SA being returned to villa and having sex on sofa with XNK1148; threesome continues quite a while even after SA's cumshot; after some comic relief finally XNK1148 masturbates and then has sex with MP.


Country: Germany

Language: German

Year: 1979

Duration: 114 min

Barbara Moose - Mature sex retro germany

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Mature sex retro germanyBarbara Moose1979GermanyGermanSylvia EngelmannTitus StingMario Pollack

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